President and CEO

Sherry Bell is an experienced business and education professional. She has provided exceptional writing, editing, and strategic planning services to a number of leading businesses, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), IBM, and Raytheon. She has developed curriculum, edited academic documentation, and taught in higher education at both the high school and college levels. Her education credentials include undergraduate degrees in Public Speaking and Drama with an English minor, a Master of Arts degree in Executive Leadership and Management, and a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning English. She is currently a doctoral candidate. 

Writing Roots

My love for writing began as a young adult as an extension for my obsession with classical literature. I applied my writing and editing abilities to business solutions by managing government and private sector proposals, marketing materials, and strategic plans. I developed a passion for sharing what I have learned about writing and communication with others, and entered into the education arena as a teacher of English, composition and business courses. I am currently working with a number of businesses, education institutions, and individual students to enhance their abilities to communicate through writing, research, and speaking. 

The Importance of Style

The first consideration of my offered solutions is the intended audience. The audience can require writing or a solution with a formal, conversational, instructional, motivational, or succinct tone and style. A good writer and solutions provider must be resilient in matching the content and style of the writing or solution to the audience's needs.